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August 25, 2019

International Impact

The Harrison Foundation believes in spreading opportunity as widely as possible. Our founders are proud to come from, and live in, north east England but the Foundation’s impact is not limited by geography.

As well as supporting a number of causes in the North East and indeed throughout the UK, the Foundation is making a positive difference to lives internationally with support for the Jumby Bay Fund in Antigua.

Their work provides vital assistance and help with living space for those less fortunate on the island, particularly disabled children. This was particularly pertinent in 2018 with the large influx of Barbudans seeking sanctuary in Antigua, and the corresponding strain this placed on local services, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

For example, the Jumby Bay Fund recently sponsored 12 children to attend the Island Academy and participate in the Community Adventure Play Experience project. CAPE offers the opportunity for children to rediscover the “basics of play” as a way to develop initiative, collaborate, and problem-solve using recycled materials in their own communities.

All 12 children were displaced by the past devastating hurricanes.

Meanwhile the government-operated Boys Training School is a rehabilitation-focused residential detention centre for juvenile offenders that also houses young boys who are in need of supervision and protection.

To encourage the development of life skills, the Jumby Bay Fund converted an old mill into a computer centre and purchased woodworking tools for classroom workshops.

Providing support for projects that have a practical and long-term impact is the key focus of the Harrison Foundation and we’re proud to work with many organisations that share this ambition, including the Jumby Bay Fund.


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